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  • Examples

    Example 1: Guide block

    Standard arrangement of the guide gibs. In the case of a precisely executed guide, no stress occurs in the centre area of the guide block. This zone only exercises any effect when play exists (drawer effect).

    Example 2: Guide block with restricted length

    If the length of the slideway is limited, it is possible to achieve an optimum guide basis in any guide block position by arranging one guide gib at the slideway and one guide gib at the guide block.

    Example 3: Narrow bed guide

    The ratio between the length and width of the guide (guide basis) should be as high as possible. To achieve this, the guide must be configured as a narrow bed guide in special cases.

  • Benefits

    Competitiveness through technological leadership – a strategy that calls for an economical increase in power density, efficiency and accuracy. Guide gibs create the foundation for this.

    FLW flat guides are ready-to-install machine elements that allow you to realise minimal guide play on your machines without the use of significant manual force. The process of designing and machining the contact surfaces on the surrounding components is straightforward, i.e. they are geometrically rectangular and parallel. Play is adjusted using a simple clamping screw, which is fitted on end face where it is easily accessible. This ensures that guide play can be corrected at any time if necessary.

    •  Low-cost precision that's ready to install.
    • High degree of damping.
    • Minimum stick-slip effect.
    • Cost-effective installation conditions.
    • Guide play can be ideally adjusted and readjusted.
    • Outstanding tribological characteristics.
  • Function

    The principle is illustrated in a simplified diagram with enlarged play.

    The guide gib is fastened to the machine body with the screws. In this phase, the "flying" ends of the guide gib are still not flush with the machine body.

    The first pre-tensioning phase causes the ends of the guide gib to press flat against the machine body.

    After further axial tensioning, the movement play between the guide block and the slideway is ideally adjusted.

Order No.
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Diameter in mm Clamping screw Admissible load Lubricant supply in mm
H B L d1 d2 d3 e k ISO 4762 N d6 l +/- 0,1 c +/- 0,1
f6 h11
6 12 41 2,5 4.8 M 3 6.5 1.7 M3x40 900 - - -
8 14 56 2,5 4.8 M 3 8 1.7 M4x55 1900 - - -
10 18 66 3,3 5.9 M 4 10 2.2 M5x65 2800 2.5 15 10
12 20 76 3,3 5.9 M 4 11 2.2 M6x75 3600 2.5 17.5 11
12 20 110 3,3 5.9 M 4 11 2.2 M6x110 7000 2.5 26.5 11
15 25 100 4,3 7.4 M 5 15 3 M8x100 6000 2.5 22.2 15
15 30 150 6,8 10.4 M 8 18 4.5 M8x150 18000 2.5 34 18
20 35 200 6,8 10.4 M 8 22 4.5 M12x200 28000 3 44 22
26 45 250 8,4 13.5 M10 28 6 M16x250 45000 3 54 28

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