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What’s the result if the screws are tightened at random and not in the required sequence?


This will have influence to the concentricity. For good centring the clamping screws have to be tightened successive and even mainly as long as the connecting parts have play. If a tight fit is realized, there is no longer influence on the concentricity. Tighten the screws in this phase will increase the surface pressure between the clamping sleeve and the Shaft/Hub.


Is it possible to mount the clamping sleeves without torque wrench and what’s the handicap?


Without a torque wrench the clamping screws can be tightened too strong or too weak. Using a screwdriver ISO 2936 will have due to the dimensions the tendency to tighten small screws too strong and big screws too weak. Important shaft-hub-connections and those with a high load should always be mounted with a torque wrench.


Is there any axial dislocation of the part which has to be fixed during the clamping sequence?


In theory there is no axial dislocation as the clamping sleeve is tensed evenly from both sides. In practice, some undefined axial movements has to be expected, due to minimum geometrical errors. This movement is caused by the used connecting components and in this case for every mounting reproducible.


Is it possible to use a slipped clamping sleeve again?


If the dismounting is possible without any problems, usually the clamping sleeve has no damage. The contact surfaces has to be cleaned and examined anyway. If dismounting makes problems, plastic deformation or/and pitting can be occurred. In this case the clamping sleeve can not be used again. If the surface of the shaft is damaged, the shaft has to be changed or reworked.Before mounting again the cause of the slipping has to be found and eliminated.


Can the clamping sleeve be used as a “slipping clutch”?


No! If the drive is not turned off while the connection has a mechanical overload, pitting will occur at the contact surfaces. As a result the connection cannot be dismounted on a regular and easy way. This case has to be avoided. In practice sometimes the connection is used as the last safety to avoid great damage of the machine due to a crash-situation. This can be accepted if the drive is turned of directly after only little slipping.


The clamping sleeve shall be mounted lightly oiled. Is it better to use Molykote?


No! The base for the clamping, actuated by adherence is the friction between the connecting components. As Molykote is reducing the friction a lot, it is unvavourable. All conecting components have to be cleaned and wet slightly with machine oil without additives.

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