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Precision for more “drive“

Highly dynamic drives in machines and systems require components and machine elements that ensure the best possible precision at high speeds. Spieth solutions can fulfill the demand for reliable, compact drives with high energy efficiency, easy maintenance, less environmental impact and lower operating costs economically. Spieth precision elements have been setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and profitability for many years.


    • Better output density with the smallest possible dimensions and minimal weight
    • For high torques, high dynamic loads
    • High precision, smooth running and concentricity
    • High positioning precision
    • Self-centering
    • Precise adjustability
    • High rigidity
    • No axial offset, no radial offset
    • Long service life and reliability
    • Easy, time-saving assembly, disassembly and maintenance
    • Installation space optimization
    • For challenging operating conditions and extreme loads

    Spieth products and solutions in use

    • Ball screw drives
    • Tool spindles
    • (Industrial) gear units
    • Rotary indexing tables

    Practical applications

    Belt-driven Ballscrew

    Spieth locking principle of the locknut with an elastic membrane system allows precise setting of pretensioning forces. 360° locking at the shaft assures that forces will be kept during operation of the ballscrew. The 8µm runout accuracy of the clamping set assures minimized vibrations of the system which will result in a precise positioning of the ballscrew and a long lifetime of the connecting components.

      Ultra-flat locknuts for the highest precision in compact working spindles

      Precision, smooth running, long service life and easy maintenance are key features of a high-quality tool spindle. To fulfill the increasing requirements placed on modern working spindles, standard components that are freely available on the market are often insufficient for developing and producing spindles. Because of this, Spieth has collaborated with a major spindle manufacturer to develop a specialized adjusting nut for bearing retention specifically designed around these framework conditions. This specialized nut, optimized to save space, stands out for a high retention value thanks to its design and especially easy installation and removal, while allowing customers to eliminate additional peripheral components thanks to its adapted geometry. This made it possible to not only reduce installation times and optimize service processes, but also to increase the precision of the spindles by reducing the number of components.

      Rotary Table

      Spieth locking principle of the locknut with an elastic membrane system allows precise setting of pretensioning forces. 360° locking at the shaft assures that forces will be kept during operation of the rotary table.


      Hydraulic clamping element allows for automatic clamping and release of the rotary table

      Hydraulically activated clamping elements are often very expensive, with complex assemblies and difficult installation. At the same time, these systems offer little radial rigidity. Because of this, a leading manufacturer of 5-axis travelling column machines chose an innovative solution: Spieth engineers worked closely with the customer to develop a hydraulic clamping element based on trusted Spieth clamping set technology that allows for automatic clamping and releasing of rotary tables with a reduced number of components, better radial rigidity and maximum precision. This inexpensive solution stands out with easy assembly and disassembly and high reliability. In addition, thanks to a specialized coating we also achieved outstanding gliding properties. The system has been in use successfully for many years, and represents an alternative to complex hydraulic systems.


      Clamping elements are used to attach the winding mandrel on fiberglass winding machines

      Fiberglass-reinforced plastics are one of the most important construction materials in use today. The fiberglass used as a base material is created when thin threads are drawn from hot molten glass, then solidify. The individual filaments are then combined and wound directly into strands. The winding process must be completed with the highest possible precision and reliability, and the molten glass processing cannot simply be interrupted.

      That’s why a leading manufacturer of fiberglass winding machines uses clamping elements from Spieth to attach its winding mandrels to the drive shaft. This results in easy mandrel mounting, ensuring good concentricity for the elements and ensuring the winding procedure can be completed with the precision required for the process. If the system needs to be refurbished, the design offers ease of maintenance with elements that can be easily removed and re-installed.

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