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Reliable running and high productivity

Spieth precision elements are used worldwide by major customers in mechanical and plant construction. They offer added precision, performance, safety and dynamism for the increasing demands of the future – for

  • Highly dynamic processes
  • Higher output density
  • System and function integration
  • Challenging, complex and difficult applications
  • Installation space optimization
  • Shorter development times
  • Energy, resource and cost efficiency

Spieth offers efficient and economical solutions for these challenges with the unique Spieth principle. It facilitates higher rotational speeds, more process reliability, and axial run-out precision. Spieth products stand up to higher loads, reduce wear, save time in assembly and disassembly, and lower maintenance costs. With better productivity and performance, they ensure a clear competitive advantage.

Spieth products and solutions in use on

  • Textile machines
  • Printing machines
  • Paper machines
  • Metalworking and forming
  • Automation

Practical applications

Clamping elements are used to attach the winding mandrel on fiberglass winding machines

Fiberglass-reinforced plastics are one of the most important construction materials in use today. The fiberglass used as a base material is created when thin threads are drawn from hot molten glass, then solidify. The individual filaments are then combined and wound directly into strands. The winding process must be completed with the highest possible precision and reliability, and the molten glass processing cannot simply be interrupted.

That’s why a leading manufacturer of fiberglass winding machines uses clamping elements from Spieth to attach its winding mandrels to the drive shaft. This results in easy mandrel mounting, ensuring good concentricity for the elements and ensuring the winding procedure can be completed with the precision required for the process. If the system needs to be refurbished, the design offers ease of maintenance with elements that can be easily removed and re-installed.

Locking nuts with optimized geometry for bearing security in vertical drilling systems

High-performance drilling systems used in the oil and gas industry are exposed to extreme conditions. Vibrations, in particular, frequently cause locking plates to shear and lock nuts used in the industry to fail. To prevent failures in drill heads and minimize associated expensive downtimes, Spieth locking nuts will be used in the future to secure the steering head. A custom designed geometry allows the user to eliminate previously required components such as thrust collars or lock washers. This economical solution promises improved reliability thanks to outstanding locking properties. Easier disassembly also helps to reduce maintenance time and save costs. High-performance drilling with low wear – thanks to the trusted Spieth principle!

Adjusting screws with male thread for precisely setting tapered roller bearings in eccentric presses

Tapered roller bearings can withstand high radial and axial loads. The required bearing clearance is set for the specific application to ensure the bearings function optimally. Since preload forces are also applied to the bearing outer ring in some applications with tapered roller bearings, Spieth has designed an adjusting thread (with male thread) optimized for the connection geometry – based on the proven Spieth principle for adjusting nuts. This specialized adjusting screw was developed as part of a project for use in an eccentric press for the automotive industry, and stands out not only for its high retention value, thanks to the principle behind its construction, and especially easy installation and removal, but also for allowing the applied bearing preload forces to each be individually adjusted and readjusted at any time if necessary. This ensures the optimal operation of the bearing at all times.

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