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More safety, precise position, no corrosion

Corrosion resistance is an important requirement for machines and their components, for instance in areas like food processing, fluid technology or packaging machine construction, where high process reliability, precision, efficiency and easy maintenance are key.

As a solution partner for machine and plant construction, we offer you clamping sets and adjusting nuts with just the corrosion protection you need in your application: from different coatings to stainless steel designs. Precisely adjusted to your specific requirements. For more safety and more productivity.

Thanks to this scalable corrosion protection, in conjunction with Spieth precision, the machine elements are certain to fulfill increased safety requirements in challenging applications.

We create your corrosion-resistant solution for high-end demands – efficiently and economically.

Let our specialists advise you.

  • Clamping sets and adjusting nuts – DIN ISO 9227 tested
  • Precision, safety and profitability
  • From various coatings – to stainless steel designs
  • The different coating options have proven their corrosion resistance in comprehensive salt spray tests
  • Unique Spieth principle
  • Clamping sets: precise setting without axial offset, highest concentricity, reliable installation and removal
  • Locknuts: the best possible locking properties, high breakaway torques, high axial stiffness, outstanding concentricity, more functional safety even under heavy loads and with high dynamism. REACH conforming.

Spieth products and solutions in use

  • Packaging machines
  • Tablet presses
  • Specialized machinery for capsule filling
  • Can sealers
  • Filling plants

Practical applications

Stainless steel clamping set for precisely positioning star wheels in a filling system

Today, PET bottles are the preferred material for bottling mineral water and soft drinks. Filling plants use so-called star wheels, an important conveyor technology used to control PET bottles as they pass through the production and filling process. Since the star wheels can only hold PET bottles on a very small area of the neck, precise axial positioning of these star-shaped conveyor elements is key. Major customers in the bottling industry recognize that using a corrosion-resistant clamping set from Spieth allows them to achieve this precise positioning in the axial direction not only during initial assembly, but also to be able to re-set exactly the same position during every disassembly and reassembly, for instance if maintenance is required – without any complicated or time-consuming adjustments. This is thanks to the mechanical principal behind our clamping sets which – in contrast to many competitors’ products – cause no axial offset during the clamping process. Since corrosion-resistance is another key requirement in the food industry and similar sectors, the clamping set used in this application is manufactured entirely from stainless steel.


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